Maker Faire Rome

12th October 2018 – 14th October 2018 all-day Europe/London Timezone

Maker Faire Rome is the event where you can experience the digital revolution that is changing the way we produce and the way we live. It is the perfect place for companies and innovators that use the new digital culture as a tool to challenge the market. And it is the fair where you can experiment the future that awaits us, in an easy and accessible way.  Maker Faire Rome is an exhibition that can boast steadily growing numbers and an increasing assessment from critics.

  • 100,000 visitors;
  • 650 projects exhibited and 256 light talks, conferences and workshops;
  • 1,900 articles, audio video clips (survey between June – December 2017);
  • 650 bloggers and journalists accredited to the event.

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